Learn why a small placenta can be a big reason many babies are stillborn

Every year, 23,000 babies are stillborn. At least 25% are preventable, and nearly half at term. One of the reasons babies are stillborn is due to a small placenta. Measuring the placenta takes minutes and can be done on a standard ultrasound, yet the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) does not believe it needs to be a standard of care. How many babies could be saved each year if the placenta was measured on every baby?

Although Bodie likely died due to complications with his umbilical cord, we have learned that his placenta was too small for how big he was. I often wonder if he could’ve been saved if we knew about his placenta size.

I am part of a letter writing campaign to share the importance of measuring the placenta with ACOG. Many letters are going out every week from all over the country to get their attention. On our day today, my mom and I sent out 66 letters. It’s our small part in this big problem.