Welcome to Bodie's Light

Welcome to Bodie's Light

helping others devastated by the loss of a child through stillbirth

Welcome to Bodie's Light

Bodie’s Light is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2021 by Scott and Jessica Gagnon in honor of their son, Bodie Trace. Bodie's Light was developed to raise funds, resources, and awareness for families who are impacted by the devastating loss of a child through stillbirth.


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Who We Are

Meet Scott and Jessica, the founders of Bodie's Light

Bodie's Rocks

While our son Bodie may not be able to travel the world on his own, he can with you. With their beginnings in Washington State, we have placed a few of what we lovingly call 'Bodies Rocks'.

If you find one, you can tag the location so we can place it on our interactive map. Then, you leave it for someone else to find (in a new place - as near or as far as you'd like to travel with it).

Bodie's Boxes: A Wonderful Idea & Special Gift Each box is specially curated with items to make the most of a terrible situation and a family's limited time with their baby.

When we were in the hospital with Bodie, we were not in the headspace to think of how to make memories. In hindsight, there were many things we wish we would have known about and done. Part of our mission is to provide these ideas and items to families, so they don't have to have these regrets.

Each year in the United States 23,000+ babies are stillborn.

And at least 25% are preventable...

Did you know that more children are stillborn than die from prematurity, SIDS, car accidents, drowning, guns, fire, flu, poison, & listeria COMBINED?  Learn one reason many babies are stillborn and what  you can do to help prevent it.

Know the facts


Yearly, 23,000 babies are stillborn in the US - most of them otherwise healthy, and all of them deeply loved.

at least
could be prevented

Nearly 25 percent of stillbirths could possibly be prevented, according to published research.

The US ranks
out of 49

Out of 49 high income countries, the United States ranks 48th in the annual reduction rate of stillbirth.


Highlights from our 2022 Inaugural Bodie's Light Invitational Golf Tournament

Here are some highlights from the Inaugural Bodie’s Light Invitational on May 21, 2022 . We had fun, saw the sunshine, and raised over $14,500 to help families affected by stillbirth in honor of Bodie.